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De longe o melhor aplicativo para gerenciar seu armário.

Good idea, difficult to use.


Great idea. Lots of work to do.

I can catalog the items but there is no way to mass upload photos outside of taking the picture right then. There is no athletic, sleepwear, workwear, and tights categories. Also jeans should have their own section of colors—the colors need a lot of work. It does not suggest outfits. For what it is—it’s ok. I paid for an app that other apps provide the same service for FREE!

Better than others!

I have been very happy with this app over several years, it has been so good for my closet goals. It takes a little work up front, but once you get things added, the app makes it easy to create outfits, see your stats like most and least worn, best and worst cost per wear, prepare for trips, rememberers what is in storage, quickly see sizes for your existing items when out shopping... it’s just great all around. I have found this app easier to use than others I have tried, and my data has survived two iPhone upgrades. Love it!!!

Great app

Pretty cool app!

Loved it

Loved the app but my phone deleted for no reason. Hours of uploading clothes was gone. All my data on my closet was gone. Needless to say, I can’t bring myself to use it anymore.

I wish you didn’t change the shopping feature

I wish you didn’t change the shopping feature. Previously, we had the option to enter details about a piece of clothing we were looking for, and Stylebook would show us hundreds of options from every name brand retailer. That’s how I entered photos of most of my clothes in the closet, because even if I couldn’t find the exact item, I could find one that looked like it. Now we can only find photos if we know the URL or store it came from. Most of my real life wardrobe was either hammy-downs, bought at a discount store (Marshalls, TJ Max,etc.), or is just too old to find on the internet. Therefore, I’ll have to enter my wardrobe manually, which is incredibly time consuming, & frankly not worth it.

Needs some more functions

This is a good start but needs improvements 1- ability to sort items in each group (example by color or style) 2- ability to see shirt options, pants and shoes on one screen and slide across all options without have to select one then the other separately 3-ability to search inspiration styles on the app

Great tool for organization and planning wardrobe

I love it and use it everyday! Worth every penny!

Great way to track what I wear!

I track all of my clothes and outfits. It is helpful to know what I have worn and not worn lately. Tracking the cost per wear helps me make better decisions on what to splurge on and what to buy cheap. It is also great to be able to see what I wore to events and meetings so I do not repeat myself.

Great idea

Love the idea of having more ideas and outfits from the closet of clothes I already own. The only thing I wish the App would provide is better matches in the shuffle — I color code all of my items and I wish the app was intuitive enough to know to not make an outfit w Red earrings, a mint colored necklace and a floral dress with black winter boots. I’m sure there is a programmer that can figure out how to is utilize the color grids to create more cohesive outfits.

Great app! Wish it saved data across all devices

Overall this is a really great app. My biggest and only complaint is that I want to be able to access “my closet” on any of my devices instead of having to manually transfer over every article of clothing.


Great app! I wish it was easier to sync across multiple devices ( phone to iPad). Also wish you had a”wallet” category under the Bag section. Great time saver and been an awesome wardrobe tracker for me!’s okay

I purchased this app many years ago, only to let it sit on my phone. When I changed phones, I lost all the clothes I photographed with my old phone. There needs to be an option to create an account to hold all of the outfits so they can be viewed over many platforms instead of “over WiFi” which takes time. So at this time I cannot recover anything from outfits before and have to basically rescan a lot of the same clothes.

So Fun to Use!

I love this app because, although adding my entire wardrobe was a time-consuming process, it was worth it, as I now have my whole closet at my fingertips. I love the outfit mixer feature, which allows you to choose a few different categories and with one click it creates outfit ideas for you. Very intuitive and easy to use once you get the hang of adding clothes. I also love that you can add outfit inspiration and ideas, and use what you have in your wardrobe to recreate the outfit yourself.

Sync with iCloud needed

This is a great app with lots of features. My biggest complaint is that it does not sync with iCloud. So it is really time consuming to keep up on my phone and iPad. I add items with my phone since camera is easier to use than iPad. And add daily outfits. But then it takes forever to transfer additions from phone to iPad. This upgrade to sync with iCloud would be a real game changer.

Save your money

Cool concept but to get clothes in the app you have to lay them out on a colored sheet and clip edit the photo it takes forever and then they don’t look great it’s hard to tell how stuff will look together and very time consuming

Fun, but has a learning curve

Once I got a hang of how to lay out clothes and take the pictures, I had a lot of fun with this app! I recommend that you google tips on how to take good looking pictures of clothes and get inspiration from Pinterest.

Love it

It have made my life easier!

Needs a sorting function

I love this app, been using it for years, but it really needs a way to sort the clothes in your closet, by color, but price by fabric, whatever, I just get tired of moving things seasonally and then having to rearrange them by color.

Thank you!

This app has made my life easier, more organized, and my suitcase AND wallet happier. I have so many outfit options with my existing wardrobe, that I’m less likely to waste money on new clothes everytime.

Love love LOVE!!!

I absolutely LOVE this app and use it all the time for literally everything. I’ve been able to get so much more use out of my closet and see what I can get rid of too! I wish there was a way to share looks with your friends (other than WiFi accept/send) or a way for you to see your friend’s closet. I want to help one of my friends create some different looks in her closet but realized I have no way of seeing it and she lives on the other side of the country 😩 Other than that though this is an amazing app!

I use this for makeup but

I’d love to use it for more in the future but a huge downside to this app is that I have to take the picture then later go in and add details. I wish I could do this as soon as I’m done editing the photo (add a link, description, price, etc). Great app overall but that would save me more time.

helpful but glitchy

really nice once you get everything done but absolutely mind numbing to add clothes. my app glitches out every time i add more than 3 articles of clothing and its extremely frustrating.

#1 app for a reason!

I wanted a way to digitalize my wardrobe and this app did that and more!! The app is very simple and straightforward. You load your clothes by snapping a picture of the actual item or snagging the image on the net. Snap, Repeat and TADA!! Your own virtual closet!!! Having this visual helps me come up with new looks. Because when I ever do run out of ideas, I jump onto Pinterest for inspiration and look at my virtual closet to find a matching outfit. The calendar feature is great too. It definitely helps me plan out my outfits for the week and will help me avoid the I have nothing to wear morning meltdowns. Great app!! Wish I found it sooner!!

Love this app!

I have had this app for years and love all of the features. One additional feature that would be awesome would be the ability to view your Most and Least Recently Logged on Calendar. Each item shows this, but it would be great to see it just like Best/Worst Cost per Wear! It would really help to cycle through the items in my wardrobe.

Lost all data

It glitched, refused to download update and lost all the hard work I put into it. Do not recommend buying; waste of money.


Crashes every single time I use it.

Not for minimalists

I’m a capsule wardrobe keeper and hoped this would help assess what pieces are working and what would be best to add next. I got past the extremely labor intensive part of adding photos by using screen shots from the internet. But the app won’t shuffle more than a few things. I have 6 dresses and 6 cardigan/jacket pieces and shuffle keeps giving me the same 6 combos using only 3 of each. I emailed support a week ago to see if it’s user error and ... no response. I got much better results MUCH faster doing wardrobe sudoku using a picture collage app or just laying things on the bed - and that automatically answers the cost benefit question by showing if an item fits into enough different outfits.

please add sync feature!

wish app would sync across all devices. painful to add categories on one device and then have to do it on others. after moving items to different categories and subcategories, i had to manually move items on other devices as wi-fi share does not recategorize. sync would also help when removing items, such as when donating things, instead of removing from all devices. multiple scroll bars would also be great for composing looks - top/bottoms/shoes - instead of selecting one item at a time to add to a look.

I love this app!

This app helps me utilize all the clothing I have in my wardrobe and allows me to sift out any items I rarely wear in my daily rotation. Makes it easier to figure out what to donate or sell. I use this app daily. Financially, this is a life saver. My wardrobe and style always remain fresh and I don’t get bored with all the outfit options (love the shuffler). Thank you for developing this. I would love it if my fashion Pinterest boards could be accessible in the app.

Fashion plus

Love and enjoy this app


It doesn’t plan your outfits for u it just let’s u put your outfits on a calendar. It’s not worth the money don’t buy it. Also it takes hours to take pictures of all of your clothes. I don’t recommend it.😒

Fun app

My favorite feature of this app is the ability to see “cost per wear” for each item of clothing. Very interesting for a budget nerd like me. Most tedious part is importing items into the closet. After I put in my most worn dozen or so items, it was easy to just import whichever items I was wearing on a given day, and this way eventually my entire wardrobe will be put in. (I have only been using the app for a few months so my winter items are not all logged yet.) I wish there was a way to archive items without deleting them. If something wears out or gets damaged so that I’m no longer wearing it, I would like to remove it from my closet and cost statistics, but not have to delete it (which removes it from all outfits in the calendar etc).

Happy camper

I’ve been using ap about a month. It does take time to add closet. I’m at almost 300 items ( don’t judge!) work clothes, causal, shoes bags. I’ve tried the shuffle feature and found a match I probably would not have put together. I lost 40 pounds in 2017 and at 56 had to basically start my closet over. I want to track cost per wear, what I already have, for future ( now very limited) shopping. ( yes I bought the same black pants twice. ) Read overdressed shocking high cost of fast fashion. I would like to be able to edit season I don’t do resort wear. I like the looks sections, as I bought clothes I’m able to save options from websites for different ways to wear my clothes. I have winter wear to add and 25 pieces left hanging. I suggest you give yourself plenty of time to add clothes and make pics look nice. Look at how tos or find professional versions to manually edit of clothes. If you are closet ocd this ap is for you.

Fun, Fantastic App

Helps to quantify & visualize my wardrobe. A great tool when shopping to know what lurks in my closet. I strive to shop more 'mindfully' & to live by 'less is more' and this app is an excellent essential tool!


I swear of ALL the apps I use for everything- not clothes, this is my absolute favorite!! YES, it requires input from you but once you get the hang of it and load your items, it’s awesome! I have over 600 items (yes that I’ve put in one by one!). BUT...I have a large varied wardrobe with special and vintage items. I attend events that require me to dress up so this app helps me decide what to wear and see how to put things together. I’ve used it for several years now and every day of my calendar is filled. I can then keep track of exactly when I wore a particular item or even entire outfit, including accessories. Please don’t change the app! I love it- it’s so user friendly, gives exactly the information I need every time. It always works, never crashes on me. I have it backed up and would be devastated if I ever lost my collection! With so many apps being disappointing this one is my star, along with a library app that I have as well. If you’re willing to put in the time to load your items, you will be rewarded! THANK YOU! Don’t change- you’re the best!! T. Smith


I love Stylebook but I wish there were easier ways to get back to the clothes without having to start over. Also, we need a duplicate button.


I tried 4 of the other closet apps and none of them did it for me. I was really hesitant and having to spend money to get this app even if it was just 4 bucks. But let me tell you best 4 bucks ever spent. This app is amazing not only does it make it so I can easily see what I have, but it saves me time and lets me see what I would like to get in the future.


This app isn’t user-friendly at all. In order to add a clothing item to a collage, you have to search for it in the many collections, trace it with your finger (which is extremely difficult on a smartphone), and add it to your closet. As a former Polyvore user, I find this app extremely inconvenient and in need of several updates and improvements.

Worth every penny

LOVE this app for packing and planning trips. I used to way over pack, with this app I know which pieces I’ll use and am able to avoid bringing a bunch of clothes I never end up wearing.

Nearly Perfect

I've been a long time user of both Stylebook and Cladwell and am definitely happier with Stylebook! I like the flexibility of how one inventories their clothing, and the cost per wear feature. I will say, there are two things I think Cladwell does better. One is new outfit suggestions. The shuffle tool in Stylebook has yielded some helpful results, but requires a bit more work on the user’s side. The second thing is the graphics are definitely cleaner in Cladwell, and they seem to do more updates as they are a subscription based model (though it does mean a higher price point, ugh). Lastly, I have some recommendations that I think could make Stylebook even more user friendly! Keep ability to resize images, even after they’ve been created. You can do this when first adding an item to your closet, but for some reason once it’s in, you can’t resize it again. Allow an option when deleting an item in a look to replace it. For example, if I want to change the shoes out on a look, it’d be great to be able to more quickly replace them with another item. And finally, allow archiving of items! Now that I’ve used the app for a while, I have been able to find clothes that I never wear and thus free up space in my closet, yay! But, since I’ve gone through the effort of documenting these items and there may be some sentimental value, it’d be great to archive them so they don’t show up in item stats such as “least worn”, or total closet value but are still saved somewhere. This could also be helpful to see what type of clothes eventually go out of style to further improve purchasing habits. I currently have these items in a separate category of “Remove” but it’d be great to be able to provide another layer of separation. Thanks! If you’ve gotten this far in the review, I’m surprised!

A New World

Can start to enjoy my closet FULL of great clothes! Just added 61 pairs of sunglasses! Who knew!!! LOL

So disappointed...

If I could, I would rate this app 0 stars. This app is a total waste of money. I downloaded it hoping that it would make life a little easier in regards to my wardrobe but instead it has been nothing but a source of frustration. It is incredibly tedious to add items and it is nearly impossible to edit the photos. I wish I had never downloaded this and want my money back.

Crashes every time I press Closet....

I’m regretting having paid for this app and the bug needs to be fixed.

Fun and informative

I’m enjoying Stylebook immensely. It does require some time and patience to set up, but I’m finding it helpful and fun. It has decent tutorials for use, and the shuffle feature is what I enjoy most. The more information you add, the more the features will benefit you. This has been great for travel and packing!

My closet will never be the same

Great app. I love it!!! You guys need to add a category to sort clothes by season. Pretty please

This App earned my highest recommendation

My friends always complimenting me on the eye- catching and coordinated look which I showed up on a daily basis. Some are asking me “how did I get it together even at 5 AM” ? The answer is Stylebook which put together outfit while matching colors , patterns and even the slightest details. This app makes me re-gain the confidence that I will always look good any hour of the day. Thanks Stylebook.

Great app, but....

I use to really enjoy this app. Easy to use and great way to see what an outfit looks like. The app is great, but it has 1 major flaw. Unless you have a way to synchronize this app, you might want to think twice about getting it or using it. This app uses the built in back up of apple. This means that If you this loose all of your data on your device and your backup of your app data is lost, you lose everything. That is what happened to me. I lost everything when app crashed and it also made my backup data useless as it crusted everything.

No more shop...

Question: With the app no longer supporting api, will there be another feature added? In addition, will clothing still be able to be added to the closets?

It’s ok

I like how you can purchase clothes from all of your favorite store all in one place. The also makes mornings very easy. (Especially school mornings) The problem with this app is taking the photos. Whenever I take the photo of a top or bottom it gets so much of the background than I have to erase it all with the manual edit. Any tips?

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