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De longe o melhor aplicativo para gerenciar seu armário.

Good idea, difficult to use.



I love Stylebook but I wish there were easier ways to get back to the clothes without having to start over. Also, we need a duplicate button.


I tried 4 of the other closet apps and none of them did it for me. I was really hesitant and having to spend money to get this app even if it was just 4 bucks. But let me tell you best 4 bucks ever spent. This app is amazing not only does it make it so I can easily see what I have, but it saves me time and lets me see what I would like to get in the future.


This app isn’t user-friendly at all. In order to add a clothing item to a collage, you have to search for it in the many collections, trace it with your finger (which is extremely difficult on a smartphone), and add it to your closet. As a former Polyvore user, I find this app extremely inconvenient and in need of several updates and improvements.

Worth every penny

LOVE this app for packing and planning trips. I used to way over pack, with this app I know which pieces I’ll use and am able to avoid bringing a bunch of clothes I never end up wearing.

Nearly Perfect

I've been a long time user of both Stylebook and Cladwell and am definitely happier with Stylebook! I like the flexibility of how one inventories their clothing, and the cost per wear feature. I will say, there are two things I think Cladwell does better. One is new outfit suggestions. The shuffle tool in Stylebook has yielded some helpful results, but requires a bit more work on the user’s side. The second thing is the graphics are definitely cleaner in Cladwell, and they seem to do more updates as they are a subscription based model (though it does mean a higher price point, ugh). Lastly, I have some recommendations that I think could make Stylebook even more user friendly! Keep ability to resize images, even after they’ve been created. You can do this when first adding an item to your closet, but for some reason once it’s in, you can’t resize it again. Allow an option when deleting an item in a look to replace it. For example, if I want to change the shoes out on a look, it’d be great to be able to more quickly replace them with another item. And finally, allow archiving of items! Now that I’ve used the app for a while, I have been able to find clothes that I never wear and thus free up space in my closet, yay! But, since I’ve gone through the effort of documenting these items and there may be some sentimental value, it’d be great to archive them so they don’t show up in item stats such as “least worn”, or total closet value but are still saved somewhere. This could also be helpful to see what type of clothes eventually go out of style to further improve purchasing habits. I currently have these items in a separate category of “Remove” but it’d be great to be able to provide another layer of separation. Thanks! If you’ve gotten this far in the review, I’m surprised!

A New World

Can start to enjoy my closet FULL of great clothes! Just added 61 pairs of sunglasses! Who knew!!! LOL

So disappointed...

If I could, I would rate this app 0 stars. This app is a total waste of money. I downloaded it hoping that it would make life a little easier in regards to my wardrobe but instead it has been nothing but a source of frustration. It is incredibly tedious to add items and it is nearly impossible to edit the photos. I wish I had never downloaded this and want my money back.

Crashes every time I press Closet....

I’m regretting having paid for this app and the bug needs to be fixed.

Fun and informative

I’m enjoying Stylebook immensely. It does require some time and patience to set up, but I’m finding it helpful and fun. It has decent tutorials for use, and the shuffle feature is what I enjoy most. The more information you add, the more the features will benefit you. This has been great for travel and packing!

My closet will never be the same

Great app. I love it!!! You guys need to add a category to sort clothes by season. Pretty please

This App earned my highest recommendation

My friends always complimenting me on the eye- catching and coordinated look which I showed up on a daily basis. Some are asking me “how did I get it together even at 5 AM” ? The answer is Stylebook which put together outfit while matching colors , patterns and even the slightest details. This app makes me re-gain the confidence that I will always look good any hour of the day. Thanks Stylebook.

Great app, but....

I use to really enjoy this app. Easy to use and great way to see what an outfit looks like. The app is great, but it has 1 major flaw. Unless you have a way to synchronize this app, you might want to think twice about getting it or using it. This app uses the built in back up of apple. This means that If you this loose all of your data on your device and your backup of your app data is lost, you lose everything. That is what happened to me. I lost everything when app crashed and it also made my backup data useless as it crusted everything.

No more shop...

Question: With the app no longer supporting api, will there be another feature added? In addition, will clothing still be able to be added to the closets?

It’s ok

I like how you can purchase clothes from all of your favorite store all in one place. The also makes mornings very easy. (Especially school mornings) The problem with this app is taking the photos. Whenever I take the photo of a top or bottom it gets so much of the background than I have to erase it all with the manual edit. Any tips?


Literally the biggest waste of money and is very bad at distinguishing between the background and clothing (especially with light pink) no matter which color I try.

Great app

I love using this to organize my closet. It makes it so easy to take different pieces of clothing from my closet to make “looks.” I gave this app four stars, however, because it takes a VERY long time to lay your clothes out, take the picture, and edit it. If you have a lot of clothes, it will probably take 3-4 days to load your whole closet. The editing feature can be very frustrating, whether you hang the clothes on a door or lay them on the floor, you’ll still have to manually edit if you want all of the background out of the picture. It’s also kind of frustrating uploading inspiration pictures from Pinterest. If you want them cropped, you have to screen shot, crop in your camera roll, and upload the pictures individually. However, if you’re looking for a closet organizer that will show you everything you have right at your finger tips and something that will save you a lot of time picking out outfits, then it’s worth a try!

I. Love. This. App.

This app is an absolute life changer for me. I am one of those people who has a brimming closet but wears the same 4 outfits over and over. This app has totally changed that for me. However, you will have to take 5+ hours just adding and editing the clothing. The initial setting up of the app takes a ton of time and feels pretty tedious. Once your pieces are added, you will save incredible amounts of time in the morning. Plus, it’s super fun to create your own outfit boards and watch your closet come together. I’m creating outfit combinations I didn’t even know I could thanks to this app. Worth every penny and more of $4.

Great but missing features

I love this app! It is very intuitive to use. I love being able to see everything in my closet in one place - and it makes going shopping easier for sure! I no longer duplicate items. I also have been able to really see what my style is from using the calendar feature. I would LOVE to have the ability to select “gift” as an option for clothing items as I add them to my closet.

Shop your closet!

I’ve been using this app for two years and absolutely love it. It’s allowed me to look at my wardrobe plan what to wear easily. The app is especially helpful when I’m shopping! It keeps me from buying something that is pretty much just like something else I already own and, it helps me to shop for and buy things I can outfit with other items already in my closet - right down to the shoes!

iPad issues

This app works great on my iPhone 7 but crashes when I try to select items from my camera on my iPad Pro. Please fix this! It’s much easier to see my clothes on a larger screen. I also can’t transfer images over WiFi because it does not recognize another device. Argh!

Perfect for the lazy dresser.

I’ve got a bad habit of wearing the same outfits over and over again even though I have tons of clothes. I also tend to destroy my closet looking for things that match. So far this app has really helped with both of those problems. It takes some time and effort to get all the clothes in but it was totally worth it. I’ve discovered so many more options I never would have thought of. It’s like my clothes are brand new again. A few things I would like to see in future updates- - being able to lock multiple items in shuffle or even better, shuffle looks with single items. - When you edit a look and add clothing, make it to where it doesn’t close the category you're on in case you want to add multiple items from the same category. -When you shuffle for looks, It would be great if it could somehow try and match items by complementary color/by season. -Shuffle new looks from Packing List items. -CLOUD SUPPORT. It’s really an amazing app and I really appreciate the developers for making it!

Useful but crashes when shopping

Every time I try to use the shop part of the app (which is nice to pull better photos) the app crashes. It's frustrating. Please fix that. I'm on an up to date iPhone SE.

Really wonderful!

I love having this app! It makes getting ready for work easier in the morning. I also recently used the packing feature which made packing almost fun! And I didn’t feel like I overpacked, which is generally an issue of mine.

Long set up but totally worth it!

This app is amazing! It does all it claims and more! I have fallen in love with my closet again, I am getting so much use out of my clothes. Taking pictures of each piece is easy but time consuming. Style book provides some incredibly helpful tips for this. I took pictures of my clothes as I packed them for a move which made it crazy easy. I love the inspiration feature and all the style stats. Creating looks is one of my favorite pass times now and I have never been better dressed! 10/10 would recomend to anyone willing to put in work initially.

A Fashionista/DisneyBounders Dream!

If you’ve ever drooled at Cher’s computer in Clueless this app is for you. I’ve only had this app for the day but it is well worth the 4$. Since I’ve been in the process of updating my wardrobe I used a lot of the listing pictures instead of taking my own. I love the built in editing tools, very easy once you get the hang of it! It is to much fun to build looks (Think DisneyBound style board), because I have all my entire closet at my fingertips. A couple of simple features I would like to see in future updates: •A better way to switch between move/tap/delete when editing a picture, this just feels clunky. •The ability to rotate objects when creating a look. •An option to edit photos that have been uploaded as Inspiration so that they can be trimmed when applying them to looks. •The Ability rename looks. I’m already able to put them in categories. It would be nice to call one “Golden Afternoon” instead of “Look No. 8” •A clearer way to back up/sync between devices. Overall I am very pleased with this app.


this is honestly the most organized and helpful app i’ve ever come across and it’s so worth it im in love with this

Great but need account

My weight changes drastically b/c of medication, & this seems a great way to remember what’s in storage. Also great for sorting clothes that can go to vintage shop or good will. Plus I love packing feature. But with all the time it takes to put that info in, I wish we could create an account that would work across platforms, or at least on my PC laptop (similar to Evernote). Not as important but would be nice if we could backup the pictures & text as a text file, so in the event something happens, we at least have that. But the app has all the features needed for what it does. I don’t expect it to work across platforms at the moment. Best closet organizer in App Store. One more star if we could set up accounts for security purposes.

Not loving it

I may try to give it more time. I have put in 1 load of laundry worth of clothes, which took forever. I never buy apps but I was interested in the shuffle feature. When I used it it have me options that didn’t make since, like pants a top shorts and a dress...why would that be an outfit? If there where a return option I would use it.

Can not use photos with a white background. I want a refund. And can’t have one.

Not good If you want to layer Images it will cut off Image. With white background.

Love the app

But it keeps shutting down every time I try to “shop” 😭😭😭

Great app, wish it could connect to my other devices

Love this app so much! It has definitely changed my closet :) the Shuffle feature is amazing too! if this weren’t a paid app I’d give it 5 stars, but for the price, it seems quite annoying that you can’t sync your closet in your other devices. It’s 2018, this honestly feels like a must in any app nowadays...

Love this!

I am an amateur fashionista and was so excited to find this app. You have to do some leg work (take pics of all your clothing items individually) but it is worth it. I found going through my closet to set it up in the app helped me clear things out as well as find cute clothes I forgot about. My favorite part is the calendar where you can outfit plan and remember clothes you have already worn by looking back. Highly recommend!!!


You know what would make this app more fun? If there was a “throwback” feature and you could see what you wore on this day in previous years

Great app, needs weather feature

This helps me make sure I’m wearing all the clothes I have, and prevents me from repeating an outfit too soon. I wish this had a weather feature so I know what kind of outfit to pick for the next day.

Love! Some tips:)

I never pay for apps OR write reviews but this is a real life changer. GET IT. One reviewer left the very helpful tip of hanging the clothes on a hook on a door and taking pictures that way- that worked wayyy better than laying them on a sheet/floor. If you have a white door, i suggest you especially photograph all your sheer items against that; my sheer clothes otherwise had my hot pink towel showing thru which ruined the accuracy of the pic. Also I’ve had a lot of luck finding my leggings and jeans on Pinterest and google (if not the exact same, very similar), and those pics look way better than my actual items laid out. I find this makes me love and use the items more-when the image is cute. If the image you find or take has the featured item a little small (and thus it’s hard to see which item it is when it’s with others in its category), you can zoom in and screenshot it a little bigger, then replace the smaller pic. The Tap tool in Manual photo edit is really helpful for removing the background- I have to manually edit most photos but it is fun to watch my closet come together!

Favorite App!

This app makes it so much easier to plan what I'm wearing. The hardest part is taking all the pictures and putting them in. After that, everything is a breeze! To get mine to look professional, I found a dressmaker’s mannequin ($30 at a secondhand store) and used a solid contrasting color bedsheet as my background. I placed a lamp in front of the mannequin wearing my outfit and another on the floor behind the sheet off to the side (to kill any background shadows created by the camera flash). Took the pictures and then I just pulled the photos into Photoshop and used the “Magic Wand” tool to delete the entire background and any edges of the mannequin that were sticking out! Loaded it into Stylebook from an email and it’s done! Easy peasy!!

Fantastic app

I LOVE this app! It has helped me so much to see my clothes differently. Great job to the designers! I’ve recommended it to several people so far.

So organized

I love this app. It is the best for keeping my closet organized.

Improvements please

The big thing bag would make this app 5 stars is adding a function to search the web directly for clothes to add to the closet since it can give better stock photos too

Could’ve bought a latte

I have never written a review before but I felt the need to because of just how disappointed I am. I have tried many times to take photos of my clothing in hopes of turning this app into my virtual closet but even when I do everything it says I should do to be able to get rid of the background still it does not work and ends up making the whole picture grey and grainy. Not to mention the fact that they make it so hard to find specific clothing items and when you search for them it just comes up with nothing so you can’t get photos of your clothing that way either. Don’t waste your money on this, it’s totally not worth it.

Very cool way to keep up with your items.

The concept behind this may seem odd to log and track the clothes you have but it helps to keep your current wardrobe update. The simple fact that when shopping you have a list of your items you own already helps to buy missing pieces. The packing list is a great way to make a list it items and outfits before hand so you are not rushing the day before. It also a great way to help break the habit of wearing the same thing all the time the stats help to find those long forgotten pieces. If you put the time in to logging your clothes you get so much back.

Huge Time Saver

If you're a busy person - looking at you entrepreneurs, mom's, etc. - you need this app. While it takes some time to set up, the payoff is huge. I pick out my outfits for the week each Sunday, just like a meal prep kind of thing, and then I don't have anything to think about during my morning rush. This not only helps me reduce decision-making overload each day, it helps keep my style fresh, and to use so much more of my closet (which is good for my wallet and the e planet). Fall in love with the clothes you already own by using this app, and minimize morning stress. Love love love this app.

Only one thing I would change

I really love this app, makes it so easy to organize my closet. One thing that would be a good update to the app is the background detection in pictures for spaghetti straps! The background inside the straps doesn’t get filtered out and the erase tool isnt small enough to fully manually edit it out, so all my spaghetti strap tops look wonky and not clean like all my other clothes which can be frustrating. Otherwise I do like the all

Great app

Its the greatest app ever, it made my life so much easier

Cost per wear

This app really helps me learn where I can spend more money on items I use all the time (handbags I use everyday, jewelry that goes with everything, shoes, coats) ... and where I spend too much (boots, statement jewelry) etc. As a result of tracking items I am much more discerning about making sure I can put together enough outfits for a new item to get my cost per wear out of it! I even had to reset my phone (no backup could be used even though I had it) and reloaded everything to keep using it!! Great for improving outfits, planning packing for trips, and knowing I have go to date night, hiking/camping, rain, occasion outfits.

This app stinks

It made me think that it chooses your ofit for you

So Impressed!

This is such a great app for a reluctant and casual stylist like me. I recently moved to a busy metropolitan area where my time is stretched and my wardrobe MUST be easy but professional and “put together”. I love how Stylebook allows me to create my own looks and also calculate cost analyses on the clothes I purchase. Stylebook is helping me figure out how to have a much more minimal wardrobe but get pieces that work in all kinds of settings (work, out with friends, running errands, etc). This app has so many cool features like the photo editing and wardrobe calendar- I’m hooked and obsessed! I absolutely love this app and am telling ALL my friends about it!


Amazing way to get use of all the items in your closet. It helps me curb my shopping and makes planning tomorrow’s outfit painless.

Worth Every Penny, And Then Some!!!!!!!!

I love everything about this app! Maybe I just love playing dress-up and making outfits, but seriously this app saves me so much time in the mornings! This is the best way to plan outfits for vacation, or on the daily. I've converted all of my friends into becoming Stylebook lovers too!

Superb styling with Stylebook

I share this great app with everyone. I love it.

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