Stylebook App revisa


De longe o melhor aplicativo para gerenciar seu armário.

Good idea, difficult to use.


So organized

I love this app. It is the best for keeping my closet organized.

Improvements please

The big thing bag would make this app 5 stars is adding a function to search the web directly for clothes to add to the closet since it can give better stock photos too

Could’ve bought a latte

I have never written a review before but I felt the need to because of just how disappointed I am. I have tried many times to take photos of my clothing in hopes of turning this app into my virtual closet but even when I do everything it says I should do to be able to get rid of the background still it does not work and ends up making the whole picture grey and grainy. Not to mention the fact that they make it so hard to find specific clothing items and when you search for them it just comes up with nothing so you can’t get photos of your clothing that way either. Don’t waste your money on this, it’s totally not worth it.

Very cool way to keep up with your items.

The concept behind this may seem odd to log and track the clothes you have but it helps to keep your current wardrobe update. The simple fact that when shopping you have a list of your items you own already helps to buy missing pieces. The packing list is a great way to make a list it items and outfits before hand so you are not rushing the day before. It also a great way to help break the habit of wearing the same thing all the time the stats help to find those long forgotten pieces. If you put the time in to logging your clothes you get so much back.

Huge Time Saver

If you're a busy person - looking at you entrepreneurs, mom's, etc. - you need this app. While it takes some time to set up, the payoff is huge. I pick out my outfits for the week each Sunday, just like a meal prep kind of thing, and then I don't have anything to think about during my morning rush. This not only helps me reduce decision-making overload each day, it helps keep my style fresh, and to use so much more of my closet (which is good for my wallet and the e planet). Fall in love with the clothes you already own by using this app, and minimize morning stress. Love love love this app.

Only one thing I would change

I really love this app, makes it so easy to organize my closet. One thing that would be a good update to the app is the background detection in pictures for spaghetti straps! The background inside the straps doesn’t get filtered out and the erase tool isnt small enough to fully manually edit it out, so all my spaghetti strap tops look wonky and not clean like all my other clothes which can be frustrating. Otherwise I do like the all

Great app

Its the greatest app ever, it made my life so much easier

Cost per wear

This app really helps me learn where I can spend more money on items I use all the time (handbags I use everyday, jewelry that goes with everything, shoes, coats) ... and where I spend too much (boots, statement jewelry) etc. As a result of tracking items I am much more discerning about making sure I can put together enough outfits for a new item to get my cost per wear out of it! I even had to reset my phone (no backup could be used even though I had it) and reloaded everything to keep using it!! Great for improving outfits, planning packing for trips, and knowing I have go to date night, hiking/camping, rain, occasion outfits.

This app stinks

It made me think that it chooses your ofit for you

So Impressed!

This is such a great app for a reluctant and casual stylist like me. I recently moved to a busy metropolitan area where my time is stretched and my wardrobe MUST be easy but professional and “put together”. I love how Stylebook allows me to create my own looks and also calculate cost analyses on the clothes I purchase. Stylebook is helping me figure out how to have a much more minimal wardrobe but get pieces that work in all kinds of settings (work, out with friends, running errands, etc). This app has so many cool features like the photo editing and wardrobe calendar- I’m hooked and obsessed! I absolutely love this app and am telling ALL my friends about it!


Amazing way to get use of all the items in your closet. It helps me curb my shopping and makes planning tomorrow’s outfit painless.

Worth Every Penny, And Then Some!!!!!!!!

I love everything about this app! Maybe I just love playing dress-up and making outfits, but seriously this app saves me so much time in the mornings! This is the best way to plan outfits for vacation, or on the daily. I've converted all of my friends into becoming Stylebook lovers too!

Superb styling with Stylebook

I share this great app with everyone. I love it.

Functional and fun!

So helpful when I’m traveling and need to pack! It’s also a fun app to spend time on.

Great app by would like to sync automatically

Love this app! I use it daily. I gave this app 4 stars because I wish it could sync between my iPhone and iPad automatically. It would be nice to view to my calendar with item on both devices without adding them manually. I would even be willing to pay extra for that feature

Sync with iCloud needed

This is a great app with lots of features. My biggest complaint is that it does not sync with iCloud. So it is really time consuming to keep up on my phone and iPad. I add items with my phone since camera is easier to use than iPad. And add daily outfits. But then it takes forever to transfer additions from phone to iPad. This upgrade to sync with iCloud would be a real game changer.

I enjoy using this I wish it had more features

One thing I would love is that you could instantly send all the content to iPad or another iPhone. Right now the only way to add is to added by categories so it looks like you can add your outfits category or your closet category but you have to do it one by one. One future I would really like is a “style me” feature. It might even be fun to add a social component to this. To allow people access to your closet to play around and make outfits for you. I think this would really enhance interest in the app and the value of the app. Right now there’s no social component whatsoever that I have found. Right now they do have something that shuffles components of your wardrobe but you have to manually enter each item of clothing to shuffle so it didn’t look like the right thing for me. What they could do would be to shuffle outfits According to characteristics. For instance this app you can label each item of clothing as to winter summer and spring it would be really cool to just say “put together five new spring outfits for me.” And it could search your app for spring items in colors that coordinate. But right now it doesn’t do that you have to manually choose each item of clothing and then have the app put those items together in different ways.By the time I’ve chosen different items of clothing I’ve pretty much made different outfits myself. I sort of want to be surprised! Would be great if I could share outfits from an app with friends to get their feedback at the very least. There could just simply be a share button on eachOutfit. I’m not sure if the developers have found a way to successfully monetize the app so I think that’s why they’re haven’t been ongoing updates and new features added. I for one am really glad I’m not blasted with a bunch of ridiculous ads every time I open it that slow down using it. That’s really important and I would definitely pay to not have that happen. So I’m grateful to the developers for keeping it clean and simple! You can tell it was put together by people who really do enjoy style and putting together outfits. On the plus side, it really is helpful to be able to lay out outfits especially for planning a trip where I want everything in my suitcase to match with every other thing. I love how you can pinch things to resize them and move them around to make cool little fashion magazine outfit layouts. It’s really fun! Photographing your clothes is easy once you get in the hang of it. Now every time I buy something new I make sure to take out my photo backdrop paper and leave things down Adam immediately to my closet on the app. I’m fortunate in that there is a photographer who works in my building and she throws out her old photo backdrop paper and I snag it cut it into the right size and roll it up with a rubber band and stick it in the back of my closet. I think it would be a little fussy trying to do it on a sheet because every little wrinkle will show up and that means extra editing. As they say, nothing with texture works well for a background in not many of us have solid blame floors carpets walls without any texture or pattern. Trust me I’ve tried it with the most solid colored piece of furniture and flooring I have and it still shows the texture and means I have to erase it all manually. Another thing is that it’s really hard to see your clothes on your phone screen. So details like patterns don’t show up in the closet view. Also if you have more than one pair of jeans or black pants they tend to all look the same In the thumbnail version on a tiny screen. Also pre-much all the dark colors blend together so you’re not sure if you’re looking at dark green, dark blue or black most of the time. One fix for this week to be able to tag or name them and those names of each animal of clothing would show up in the thumbnail. So basically right now I have to tap on top or Jean in the midst of making an outfit it’s a hassle to get back out because I must navigate all the way back to the closet and then look again and try and remember which one I tapped and make sure not to tap that one again. Another cool thing would be to be able to re-organize your closet by certain categories. If you take the time to fill out the information about your item of clothing in the editor such as price, season, color, fabric it would be awesome if you could just automatically pull up everything in the closet maid of merino wool or that is a certain color. I’m going to try it out on the iPad To make it easier to view things hopefullybut it’s going to be a project Migrating everything over. Because as I said at this point you have to do it category by category you cannot sync it. So if I take a photo of something in the iPad it won’t automatically and up on my phone. So then I have two closets and I’m constantly going back-and-forth and trying to add individual items too. Sort of a pain. So it seems like a really important feature to get a sync function happening.

The best virtual closet experience

It saves my time and my energy to put outfits together, to pack, to make purchase! Love it!

Use it everyday

I love the app but I wish you could do 1 thing. I wish it was an option to have a little number appear on outfits to show how many times it has been worn. If I have already worn an outfit I would rather wear another outfit but right now I have to click on each outfit to see if I have worn it. If it showed a little # I could see at a glance. It could be an option so if someone didn’t want that they could shut it off. There could also be settings so the # could show times ever worn or worn in current month or year, etc. Thank you!!!

Best Wardrobe Planner!!!

Keep track of all your clothing easily with this app. Create outfits for each season or occasion wherever you are. E.g., you can create a packing list while waiting to pick up your kids or at your hair appointment. You will discover new combinations to wear and really be able to utilize what you already own. You will know when you wore each outfit so you don’t keep wearing the same thing. One thing I wish they would do more of is give wardrobe advice like examples of ways to update each season and capsule wardrobe ideas, etc.


There is no way I will complete the tasks needed for this app during my life time. Complete waste of money! You have to make your own outfits and find your own inspirations. Boo!

Amazing app!!!!

Would it be too much to say this app is life changing? Maybe but it’s true. I’ve never been well organized in my clothes, or good at putting outfits together. This app has changed all that. I love that I have an inventory in my phone of all my current fashion. That way when I go shopping, I don’t make the mistake of purchasing same or similar items I already have. I keep a calendar of what I wear so I don’t repeat the same outfits too often. So many great features to this app. I just discovered you can take photos of yourself wearing looks to Inspiration. And then add that photo as part of your look. I love this! I LOVE THIS APP & ITS WORTH EVERY PENNY!

don’t recommend

absolutely horrible, it doesn’t work and that is that, i wasted my money on this

Great App!

I love this app. Been using it for over 5 years. It helps expedite getting dressed for work in the morning. Also, when packing for vacation. I can think of a piece of clothing I want to wear, select it, and then look at all the outfits that it is used in to decide my outfit for the day. It takes a little bit of time to set up all the pictures at the beginning, but it’s fun and well worth it.

Love it!

This app is great! I am a bit of a perfectionist, so photographing everything has taken me a while. But it is fun to put looks together and when packing for a trip, it makes it easy not to forget that belt or scarf that “makes” the outfit.

Good idea, not in reality

I bought this app to save time. It will take hours to photograph all my clothes then edit the pics. I've tried laying flat and hanging for the photos. My clothes look awful! The outfits they make look awful. I spend a lot of $ on quality, professional clothing but I'm a curvy size 12. Hanging or laying out the clothes they look shapeless and out of proportion. The color is off even when the pics are taken a minute apart in the same lighting. Complete waste of money!

Valuable app and suggestion for future

My favorite part of the app is the style stats, especially the cost per wear stat. It’s also great to see what you wear most and least. Because I’m a midwesterner, I’d like to suggest an input for weather or temperature for each outfit on the calendar. That way, when the weather is highly variable (like now, in March), and we get, say, a 70 degree day, it would be great to pull up outfits you loved to wear when it is 70 degrees. It would also be great to be able to copy an outfit from the calendar straight into a look without having to recreate it. These are just suggestions for an already great app. I have saved the $5 over and over using it! Highly recommend!


It’s hard to figure out how it works at first but once u get’s easy and neat to use!! Kind of expensive for an app in my opinion.

Life changing app - needs a few more tweaks

LOVE this app. It has helped me manage my day to day selection of attire and saves me so much time in the process. I thunk there are still a few tweaks this app desperately needs: The ability to adjust the size of the thumbnails of looks - they are so tiny! I wish I could adjust as needed. Better syncing between devices. The way to get my phone’s version to sync on my iPad is archaic and downright ridiculous. I’ve had an iPhone since its inception - back when there were no apps - and this is the only one I’ve ever had to manually sync between devices.

Love it

I am having a lot of fun with this app. I wish there was a way to see amount spent in each month and number of items added per month, just to get a better idea of spending habits. Maybe amounts per brand/store, too.

So helpful!

I love this app, it’s fun and has helped me make sense of my closet. I’ve gotten back into caring about my style! The only thing I would like to be added is in the packing list the “text items”...I wish there was a way to make subcategories in there to help organize my packing lists even better!

Keeps me organized!

It took some effort to get everything photographed, but it was well worth it! I’m 64 and I found items I’d forgotten about and cleaned out items I no longer wanted. My closet looks better than ever. When I’m sitting around watching TV I put together new outfits and have really been enjoying trying new styles. It’s been great for me to keep myself dressing young!

Love it!

I enjoy this app, makes organizing my clothes and outfits so easy. My one complaint is that you can’t edit the brightness/ color of images that you upload.

Fantastic App

I love this app so much! It is super fun to match outfits together and it makes me realize just how many clothes I have! I love the cost per wear, sorting, etc. It also makes it harder to forget clothing in the back of your closet and helps you realize how little of your wardrobe you wear. I'd like the ability to favorite certain outfits and crop re-uploaded photos (ie if i'm swapping an image out). I also really wish it was account based and easier to transfer items if you have multiple devices; and so you can see friends closets, share with friends, access on desktop, etc. in the future, it'd also be super cool if you opened a marketplace for people to buy from others!

Nice App

Pretty good app. "Undo" action is very slow and eraser would be much better if smoother. Overall, I like it.

so much potential!

What girl didn't want Cher's virtual closet in Clueless??? Genius. I have a major clothes hoarding problem. With Stylebook, I'm working on organizing & purging my closet to make better style choices. Yet, as much as I love this app, it still needs a lot of work to earn 5 stars. I purchased this app years ago & although I only recently started using it consistently, the interface has not changed at all, which is a disappointing considering that it is not very streamlined or even aesthetically pleasing. The layout is super clean and minimalist which is good, but it manages to look sort of cheap and clunky at the same time. The look and feel of the app bothers me the least though, because primarily I'm looking for simple intuitive changes & new features: *Auto-suggest feature: For example, if I'm entering a brand or size that I have previously entered/already stored, it should pop up as I'm typing it so that I don't have to scroll all the way down the list. You could also add that to the search bar. This would decrease the chance that you could make a typo and end up with two different entries for the same brand/size/whatever. *Deleting active items: I should be able to delete an item even if it's being used in a look (the item can just show as unavailable, you could introduce a little alert icon over a look which has a deleted item) *The Status categories need to be customizable & some categories should trigger an action. For example, I would add a status category labeled “Disposed of” for items that I have thrown away. If I change an items status to that label, the item should be removed/deleted from my closet, but the photo & details should still be viewable in past calendar entries & in the stats. I just don’t see the purpose of having a Status category if it doesn’t change anything about the item. FIXED!!! *Improved photo editing: Though the background removal tool has improved a lot, it is begging for edge smoothing feature & the app in general could use some very basic photo editing tools such as including the ability to rotate or straighten the items in edit mode & when you're compiling looks (just as you can pinch to resize you should be able to rotate the item). As of now you can't even crop a photo once it has been added, so if you forget to do it the first time you basically have to re-enter the item because you just can't do it. This is what I mean by intuitive improvements. FIXED!!! *Create looks from calendar: you should able able to create a look based off items you added/wore in your calendar. For example: when you add individual items to a day, there should be an option to compile a look from these items automatically instead of having to do it manually. Next to the button where it says +Add Look there should be one that says +Compile Look and boom. FIXED!!! As others have suggested, the search & stats tools are greatly underutilized. The manual sync is also a major problem for those that use the app on their phone & iPad, but since I only had to use it when upgrading phones it was only a minor inconvenience, but I see how it would be super tedious to do on a regular basis. I know it seems I've got a lot of complaints but it's only because I do really love this app that I am so conscious of the little ways it that it could be better. I love planning out my wardrobe and it's been so helpful in motivating me to organize my closet. I hope there is an update soon that addresses these issues and builds off the suggestions of its users.

Needs Improving

I do like this app, however, there are a few things that would be nice on a new update. When I add clothing to the calendar, I wish there was a way to select more than one piece of clothing at a time to add. I wear multiple bracelets at once, it’s cumbersome to have to go back and add each bracelet to my calendar individually. When I add new clothing to the app, it would be better if it automatically took you to the screen to add the details to your item. Instead I have to go back into my closet, find the piece I just added and go add the details. I wish there was a way to remove an item from my closet (donated, worn, etc) without completely deleting it bc when you delete it, it removes it from the calendar like it never existed. It would be nice if you could drag and rearrange the items in the categories and change which item is the main icon. As for us bargain shoppers, it would be great if there was a total closet value vs. what I actually paid. I shop at thrift stores, online sales, and poshmark, I like to know how much I save shopping this way.

Provide more useful stats!

I love this app conceptually, and there are a lot of things it does well (ie it’s relatively easy to upload and edit individual pictures). That said, I really wish the stats were more robust. It did get a lot better in recent months, but: 1. No field to add purchase date 2. No field to add retailer (you can only add the brand itself) 3. No stats on the individual folders and sub folders you create for shirts, shoes, outwear etc. I would love to know what I’ve spent on shoes vs. what I’ve spent on handbags etc. I would love to know how cost per wear varies between categories (ie do I keep buying ballet flats when it makes more sense to purchase more button-downs, based on how much value I’m actually getting out of the ones I already have. Am I getting no value whatsoever out of the skirts I own because I’m always wearing slacks? Etc.). 4. Mass upload pictures from my phone’s photo folder (to make adding pictures of clothes I have on my phone that much less tedious) 5. Add a field to indicate that I have multiple pairs of something 6. The ability to see stats based on dates and individual folders/subfolders (so that I can see if say, I was very foolish to have purchased so many sweaters 3 years ago, OR to see what items I purchased in a certain period I have been better off not buying) 7. The ability to see stats based on brand vs. cost per wear (like maybe I should shop less a certain stores and more at others because I get the most or least value out of the clothes I buy there.) 8. No field to add rating (maybe I wear a certain item very infrequently, but I still really love it and am glad that I purchased it. This would get around the problem Stylebook automatically has with its lack of historical data. It would nice to see stats based on what brands/folders I’ve rated most highly overall, and to also see what my closet would look like if I purged it of everything I didn’t love. Sometimes I wear certain items a lot out of necessity but I don’t actually like them and would be better off upgrading.)

Just gets better!

I’ve had this app for quite a while now, and loved it so much that I’ve gotten most of my family and friends to buy it too! But this latest update makes this app even MORE useful than I could have imagined. Yes, there could still be improvements, but overall this is the best app out there to get your crap organized imo (yes, I’ve tried several). Putting in all of your wardrobe takes time and diligence, but I found that by committing to a certain few rules (every time I purchased something new, I immediately put it in SB etc) I got it all in there eventually—and it was so worth it!


It reminds me of what I own. Every well dress woman should have this app. My friends say I have too much time on my hands, but in case of fire or theft, It’s good for “insurance” purposes. What was the value of what you owned! Love this app. Would like to see more features. Scan tags to up load pictures?

Do not use

App cannot transfer edited photos to android or windows computer.


This is the most amazing invention ever. I’m so excited to put it into action.

Not helpful at all

I was hoping for help in putting basic outfits together. I’m a mom who works 60-70 hours per week and hoped for a way of simplifying my morning routine. Taking the time to photograph my existing wardrobe isn’t an option for me.

So much potential!

Update: still enjoying this app. I’m glad I can select an item now and randomize other things to go with it. But the randomizer doesn’t seem that random. I feel like it picks the same item from a given category repeatedly. Also, can you please add multiple photo import for adding clothes, the ability to add more than one image per closet item, and to crop the image or edit the shape for a look? Kind of like how you can in Polyvore. Still wishing I could have items in more than one category. Still desperate for color correction in app. The image editing in app feels cumbersome and dated. Why can’t I erase and zoom without having to toggle modes for example? Also it’d be nice to be able to archive looks and clothing items and not having to delete things that include pieces you no longer own. —— So much to love about this app but so much potential not yet realized! Creating looks is awesome and suggesting looks is great. But I wish I could select an item and have the app suggest things to go with the item. Creating a packing list from looks is so cool! But to maximize possibilities while minimizing luggage space used, I wish I could put limitations on how many items to include (and maybe climate info) and suggest looks/packing list from that. Or for me to add specific clothing to my packing list and have the app show me a bunch of possible outfits from what I included. These are just a few ideas but there are so many more. The biggest draw backs have to do with clothing input, which is a bit cumbersome, and taking photos. Smoothing edges of my clothing would be nice, but color correction is vital. Most of the colors of my clothes are WAY off. Especially the pictures I took at night. It's difficult to match outfits when the colors are so off. A simple white balance tool would really help.also, please add the ability to put clothes into more than one category.

Don’t bother

Impossible to figure out.

Be warned...

So first of all, the concept of this app is great. I like the idea of being able to catalogue my wardrobe and being able to create outfits that way. The app’s design is pretty slick, too, but other than that, that’s all I can say that’s good about this app. I don’t mind that the process of photographing clothes and organizing them in the app is time-consuming - I mean there really isn’t a way around it - however, for an app that requires users to take and upload hundreds of photos in order be functional, it is absolutely ridiculous that they don’t have any way of storing data in iCloud. Seriously, they still rely on wifi-syncing in order to sync a database between an iPhone and an iPad. That is something I haven’t seen on any of my apps since like…2010? The process of moving data between devices is so laborious it’s almost funny. Then there’s the fact that all your photos have to be stored locally, on your device. For me, that’s a lot of space this eats up whereas it could easily be stored in my plentiful iCloud account if the developers just took the time to implement it. But no. I actually had to delete my entire library recently because my iPhone and iPad simply did not have enough local space to handle the app’s large database anymore. And then, to top it off, I found out that the only way of restoring it later, according to Stylebook’s own website, would be through an iCloud backup - um, no. That means I’d have to erase and restore my entire phone in order to get back data from a single app, which isn’t happening. iCloud backups are for setting up new devices or restoring after a systemwide catastrophic data loss event, not for resorting data loss from individual apps. So, until they fix this app to allow us to use our iCloud storage for proper syncing and backup purposes, I won’t be using it. It’s too bad, really, because this app has a much better design and interface than the other closet apps I’ve tried, but the storage and syncing issue is just way too big to get past. Seriously, this app needs some big updates before it can be taken seriously as a database app. So, be warned - if you put a lot of time into setting up and organizing your closet in this app, don’t expect to be able to easily sync it between devices or restore it if things go south.


I downloaded this thinking it would create outfits for me and I was wrong. I would like my money back. Nice app for organizing clothes on phone but not what I was looking for. Thank you!

Sync needed

Sync my iPad with my phone automatically.

My new hobby

I’m not going to lie—it’s a lot of work photographing EVERYTHING in your closet. But if you get the high contrast background down, it’s still a lot of work, but the results are good and the effort will pay off. Once you’ve got it all loaded, it’s super fun creating outfits with your own clothes! I’ve worn things I’ve forgotten about, and getting dressed faster and better. The outfit shuffler is a fun tool that randomly selects items from your closet to create new looks. Sometimes with surprisingly cute resents. I’m looking forward to a few months in of tracking outfits I’ve worn to get into the stats on what my per-wear cost is on my favorite pieces, so I can justify with facts my next purchases! Would love to see an update for the phone app to be able to quickly zoom on outfits, and also a way to rate what I wore. Keep up the good work, Stylebook!

I use this app

I enjoy packing for a trip. It’s so easy now. I like having outfits made as a reminder before work too. When I get something new, it’s a fun game to see what outfits I could make. But I always try them on, they get deleted if I don’t like them.

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