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So disappointed! The manual editing pic tool doesnt work on my ipad (cant resize a pic), making adding any item a nightmare.. Also, app designers should really take inspiration from la Koketa and its "what to wear" outfit mixing tool, its really missing here

Missing features

1) No landscape mode on iPad 2) No possibility to sync between devices 3) No possibility to import/export database The idea is good but it lacks some features to be a useful one.


I love it, just wish there were a category to put my wishlist and a way to replace the photo of an item (sometimes I take bad quality pictures and then I take better ones, but I cant replace without losing all the information of the item). Overall is one of my favourite apps.


I LOVE it!! Wish i Could the stylebook App to iPad!! Is that possible??




I can choose my week outfits without opening the wardrobe!! Its pretty amazing. I dont need to spend so much time choosing what to wear before leaving home.

Very cool, could improve

Its an awesome closet app, which have very nice features (specially the random look creator) but could improve more in statistics. Id like to know the clothes that Ive worn the most (and least) for each category and the most (and least) clothes used in looks. Hope these views are available in future versions.

100% perfect!

It took me a while to find the zoom-function for individual items in a look. (You have to double-tap the item and select the option.)

Very, very good programm ...

... with a lot of functionality !!!

The Perfect Overview

I really love this app! Although taking photos of your whole wardrobe ist time consuming at first, it pays of in the end! Getting dressed in the morning, and still be stylish, was never easier and faster. I only wish it was possible to sync the calendar on IPhone and IPad. And more color choices would be neat.


I am absolutely in love with this app. It is going to make my mornings so much easier. So thanks a lot!!! 5 stars

Best Closet App

Love this App. Definitely the best one around!!!

No sync

Great app but I cant believe I paid for something that doesnt actually sync through devices. Taking pictures with the iPad? Creating looks on a small phone? Wifi- transfer is not enough. It already is time consuming to prepare every item. I get the feeling the app was left unfinished as long as people are willing to pay for it.

No updates ?!

Wonderful and great idea. I wish i would have been a little more hesitating.. > As the last update was in 2014.. There is so much potential and so many opportunities to integrate the latest version ios... So not up-to-date at all > takes too long to prepare every single item (so that i stopped at the 8th item and never finished) > i never paid more than 2€ for an app and i thought its a good investment but bought it and had opened the app 5 times and thats it (not using it at all) > someone had a nice idea but seems like it wasnt finished :( i really hope that there still will be an update someday soon...

Great app, for style lovers

Wonderful App, I have been using it for a couple of years and still think its great. It inspires me to put together new outfits and remember when I wore them through the calendar option.

Love it!

Use it since years. Great to have fun with clothes, I Love the packing lists and to see how often I really wear a thing! Updates are always good.


Never had so much fun with an app! Love it and I am actually shopping with purpose now instead of buying clothes that just catch my eye. Best $4 Ive ever spent.

Love it!

Absolutely LOVE this app!

Good app

I find I enjoy using this app. I find it helpful and fun. Worth the small charge.


Dont travel without it!

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